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Lund University wireless logon to network LU weblogon

Note! Others have the possibility to overhear your traffic when you are using network LU weblogon.
Your identities on Facebook, Twitter, MSN, PayPal and others can then be used by others.

Please instead configure your computer to use network eduroam, which has safe encryption.
Also guests with a temporary id can use it. Click here on configuration instructions
and then when you login below you will be redirected to the wireless information page.

It is much more comfortable to use eduroam than LU weblogon.
You only do the settings once, from then on login is done automatically.
Also note that normally you no longer need to download and install SecureW2.

If you need a SMTP-gateway for sending mail, you can use "".

The username/password below will be verified with Lucat or Stil for LU employees and students,
guests use their given username/password looking like temp123456/********.


WARNING: Only Lund University employees and students and their registered guests may use this network.
Misuse or unauthorized access may result in legal prosecution.